A mars a day…..

is not the way to go. I know it however lately it’s been more a mars a day than an apple a day…The tension, lack of sleep and stress of dealing with a 2 year old tantrum girl and a high-energy-look-mummy-I-can-climb-the-stairs 10 month old I am putting anything in my mouth that gives me a quick fix! Comfort and instant pick me uppers! Think coffee, cakes, chocolate, biscuits and even some coca cola. But I’m starting to feel more worn out than I should so am longing to go back to eating healthy healing food. I have been interested in the health benefits of food for a while but because I love my food the recipes have to be yummy as well. Put me on a boring vegetables only diet and I wouldn’t last a week. Apart from being nutritionally good for you food also has to satisfy the taste buds. I’m not a dietitian, doctor or chef so do take what I say with a pinch of salt. Let the feast begin!


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