Week day favourite breakfast!

porridgeMy favourite breakfast on week days is porridge. So simple, tasty, healthy and it keeps you full for so long. Oats must be the cheapest superfood around but apart from being nice to your wallet the health benefits are many. For example very good to prevent diabetes and cardio vascular disease. According to an article in the Guardian oats were used as one of the few effective treatments for diabetes before insulin was discovered.

I like to eat my porridge with cinnamon (which is also good for preventing diabetes) All that’s needed is a teaspoon a day according to this article .I then top it with some berries ( I don’t think I need to mention the superfood qualities of berries : )

And also porridge should be complimented with a glass of orange juice since porridge is full of iron and orange juice helps the absorption of iron. Wasn’t aware of the iron content so a glass of orange juice will be added to my favourite breakfast from tomorrow!


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