Apple and peanut butter niceness!

apple peanut peanut butter

Serious sweet cravings today after only 5 hours of restless sleep in the sweltering heat. ( I’m not complaining, it’s just sooooooo hot during the night ; ) So what could I eat instead of the default mars bar I thought to myself. Then I remembered this snack that I started to eat during my au-pair days in San Francisco. Apple and a dollop of peanut butter!

Poor peanut butter has such a bad rep ; ( Unjustly so! Sure it is high in fats and calories so not a good idea to eat a tub of it in one sitting. But like this it’s a superb snack ;

1 apple (in wedges)

1 small tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter. It has to be a no added sugar, all natural type of thing. Such as the Koeze brand that I love!

A snack like this is almost half the calories of a Mars bar.
Peanut butter and apple = 140 cal
Mars bar =  260 cal

Then one might be thinking, well I might just have half a Mars bar instead. Sure it’s possible, however what good stuff for your health does it have in store for you? ( And who are you trying to kid by thinking you will only have half, just one small bite more, and another one…whoopsie time to throw away the wrapper)

Sugar : ….not so good. Causes havoc with your blood sugar levels. Bad for stress, bad for your heart, cholesterol…and it’s addictive ( apparently debatable, but I just remembered how I felt when I went on a Candida diet a couple of years ago…awful feeling!)
Saturated fats : clogs your arteries, bad for your heart and cholesterol etc

Chocolate, must be good for you right? Sure but the amount of cocoa is so small it’s hardly worth mentioning

What about the peanut butter apple version….
Apple : An apple a day… I need to say more….
Peanut butter : full of monounsaturated goodie goodie fats that are beneficial for heart health.
A good source of protein, anti-oxidants, mineral and vitamins….
Because of the protein content it keeps you full for longer and it’s a slow released source of energy so you won’t be craving more sugar an hour later when your hyped up blood sugar levels comes crashing down. So it’s good for weight loss!

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