Salmon, lentils and feta

salmon lentils 2

This dish is a real saver if you really don’t feel like cooking and you are just a second away from pressing the phone-takeaway-pizza-button. (Given that you have the ingredients at home of course) We usually keep some ready to eat lentils at home to make it a super fast, super healthy meal. This is a great brand that we get from Sainsburys.

Serves 2 very hungry people or 2 plus 1 portion of lunch

2 salmon pieces (3 if you are going for the lunch box option)

1 pack of ready to eat puy lentils (250 gram)

1/2 pack of feta cheese (100 gram)

2 large handfuls of cherry tomatoes

1 large handful of parsley

Fry the salmon. Heat up the lentils in the micro for a minute. Chop up feta cheese, tomatoes and parsley and mix with the lentils. Et voila, dinner is served!

Salmon is a great source of those super good for you fats, however I just read an article about the amount of toxins in farmed salmon…I will still eat salmon but perhaps a bit less often and spend more on wild salmon…..

Lentils are good for energy, digestive health, lowering cholesterol and hearth health. It’s also low in calories with hardly no fat but plenty of protein so good for weight loss and sports.  Healthy easy and yummy, just how I like it!


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