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So I have been psyching myself up all week to give up coffee as of tomorrow. Not to find an alternative, just give it up. I have desperately tried to find alternatives , dandelion coffee, green tea, licorice tea, the lot. But there’s nothing out there like the real thing. Decaf has the taste but I’m just waiting for the buzzy effect to kick in and when it doesn’t I feel really disappointed. But yes if you are drinking decaf make sure it has been done by using the Swiss water method and not by using chemicals because then it is really doing your body harm. I’m not giving coffee up because I believe that it is necessarily bad for you, in fact it has been said that a cup or two a day could have health benefits.  Its just that coffee and me isn’t a match made in heaven. And I think most people who are a bit stressed or worn out or lacking energy could benefit from giving it up.  When you think you need it the most is when you actually need it the least.
Most people have a coffee, get a little buzz and then get on with the day. A couple of hours later they go, yeah a coffee would be nice! Not quite how it works for me. Sure I get that initial kick start, problem is that my body doesn’t quite know how to slow down the motor so to say. It revs up on all cylinders and fairly soon I’m a bit like Spud in Trainspotting during his interview. Wired! Cant concentrate on anything, can’t sit still, no patience, on the verge of blowing up any minute or on the verge of running a marathon. Problem with the marathon is that half way through,  the effect of the coffee would wear off and I would just deflate. Which I do, I deflate a lot.

So why haven’t I stopped earlier….well I have tried several times and managed for weeks and months but I always start again slowly and eventually get back to drinking too much. Truth to be told I’m actually hooked on the speedy effect. I don’t want to be all Zen like, it’s boring. But my body can’t deal with it so I have to embrace a new Zen like me! I have had problems with stress previously and I know that coffee did a lot of damage then. I was constantly 100% wired and my poor adrenal glands just gave up in the end.  At the moment I don’t exactly feel relaxed or have lots of looking-after-myself-time so coffee has to go!!


Things I’m looking forward to are


1) having a bath with some calming aromatic oils and relax, truly relax. Not just forcing myself to lay still where really I feel desperate to check out facebook or plan something or what not.


2) After the initial horrible 4 days, to wake up and actually be awake. Not being a bear with a sore head walking around going roar, roar until the second coffee has hit my nervous system.


3) To be able to focus better and not just run up and down the same room telling myself I have so much to do, I have so much to do, I have so much to do, without actually getting anything done. Which reminds me of this spider on different drugs test. (do check it out, it’s pretty cool and really illustrates how coffee makes it difficult to focus)


Mostly I want to give it up because my kids deserves a more relaxed mummy. I guess my husband does too but he’s necking down the black stuff as well so no pity for him ( plus he’s so use to me being a bear/ volcano anyway…..maybe that’s why he deserves it the most! )

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So I said I wasn’t trying to find an alternative but I need something to drink in the morning…….. And I do like liquorice tea. It’s not in anyway a substitution for coffee. At all, at all, at all. The health benefits of drinking liquorice tea are many. A mild laxative, anti-inflammatory properties, can lower blood pressure, possibly treat depression, only 2 calories per cup and has a sweet taste so good to drink if you feel like eating something sweet. Hey life without coffee might not be so bad after all!

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  1. I just completed a 10day cleanse, and even before I embarked on this veggie feast, I knew coffee would not come back into my life (at least not for now). why? some of the reasons you mention above– and also I’m extremely sensitive to my body and its seems to be telling me “NO more coffee PLEASE!” Given how easy the habit was to kick (this time), I trust that this “voice” made sense.. its now been almost 2 weeks w/o any java in the morning (and throughout the day). I do have a cup of green tea macha in the am, and sometimes another cup later on. If you have trouble giving it up– perhaps recalling the negative effects would be helpful? yet as Swedes with generations of coffee drinkers in our genes, coffee is almost like water (hmmm maybe a stretch).

    • Well done on your 10 day detox! You must feel great! Since my post about giving up coffee ( over 2 months ago) I had only had 2-3 caffeinated coffees and actually don’t miss it at all. I did exactly as you suggested and reminded myself about the negative effects that I experienced and then it was easy. Thanks for reminding me about the green matcha, something I have been meaning to get. Good luck with your coffee free period, long may it last!

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