Staring into space and a gorgeous falafel salad!

falafel salad

Had a morning off with no kids this week! Because I have been a bit stressed lately both me and husband thought it was a good idea. Luckily his job allows for some flexibility so it could be done. My first project was to just stare into space. Just sit still, not read, not look at my phone, not doing all those million things that are always there to be done, just stare! And man was it hard. I set a timer for 5 min but I think after 30 seconds I started thinking come on, time must be up. I was looking out of the window, curtain gently blowing in the wind, light casting some beautiful shadows on the wall, seagulls making seagull noises ( I’m telling you London birds really are a confused bunch! ) I don’t think I’m alone these days in finding it difficult to do absolutely nothing. Try it out, how long can you do it? Before when travelling on a bus people used to do just that , staring into space. ( hard to believe there was a time when not everyone had a smart phone) but these days everyone is staring into their phones. After a while though I really started to enjoy it, heart rate slowed down, breathing slowed down and the thoughts in my head stopped racing. Definitely worthwhile doing on a daily basis. Just 5-10 min does a lot of good!

After I had a fab lunch out with myself and a book at Healthy stuff on Dalston Lane . I had a super gorgeous salad and a detox juice! It’s easy to eat well out with places like this!

I’m definitely going to make this salad at home

Serves 1

Two large handfuls of mixed salad
A large dollop of hoummus
3 falafels
2 tablespoons of pumpkin seeds
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1/4 of a cucumber
1 large tomato

Heat up the falafels in the oven for a couple of minutes. Wash the salad. Chop the tomato and cucumber. Mix salad, cucumber, pumpkin seeds and olive oil. Arrange tomato, falafels and hoummus and hey presto, lunch is ready!

Both hoummus and falafels are made of chickpeas. Chickpeas are excellent to include in your diet because

a) both high in fiber and in protein means you stay full for longer so is good for weight loss.

b) a high percentage of the fibre is insoluble fibre which could protect against colon cancer and is good for digestive health

c) has a fantastic mix of anti-oxidants

So there we go! A morning reflecting and learning some new stuff. Successful morning indeed


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