The limbo is over and a base salad


I received a letter last week regarding my MRI. It seems as if I definitely have MS…..which I am fine about, I was kind of expecting it. I have a lot of loony ideas but deep down inside I didn’t really think that one of the best neurologists in the country had got it so wrong. And furthermore my relapse in 2007 when I was diagnosed was just prime example/ textbook case MS. But…but I just wanted to double check since I am so well in myself. Really……do I have MS?

The other news that I got a bit surprised and not so happy about were…that apparently I have some further scaring since 2007, meaning that I have had another relapse or several. Looking back I can’t really see when that could have been, apart from maybe last Autumn when I was a bit more exhausted than I should have been.

Anyways, after having got over the initial shock I realised that I must have had a relapse without hardly noticing it which is a good thing. As far as I understand the relapses are supposed to get worse and worse but believe me, whenever, however I had this relapse, it was much, much, much milder than the one in 2007. That certainly didn’t sneak by unnoticed. It was all I could think about during the couple of months it lasted for. It was one body part after another acting really weird or shutting down.

And for all of you thinking that ha, I knew healthy eating and living won’t cure all ills and who are getting ready to go home and with a guilt-free conscious scuff a tub of ice-cream, some Mc Donald’s followed by microwave popcorn in front of the telly, don’t! Healthy eating and living does work. I’m still well hey ; )

I can understand how it could have happened though, I have been doing too much cheating regarding my health regime. The longer you stay well the reasons why it’s so important to look after yourself are starting to diminish and then you let body destroying foods and habits back into your life again. So the bottom line is I’m really glad that I got this wake up call. I can cheat once in a blue moon, as long as once in a blue moon doesn’t come around every week and last for days. Once in a blue moon means once in a blue moon. No other interpretations!

Some questions that I have been asking myself; Do I wish I didn’t have Multiple Sclerosis? Do I wish I didn’t have to eat really, really healthily? Do I wish I didn’t have to strive towards a happier, better life in order to stay well? No, not at all. (Do note it’s easy for me to say no since I don’t feel unwell, my MS is more or less under control. My answer would probably be different if I felt unwell) But as it stands, my answer is no. But regardless I would never go back to eating any other way. Perhaps at my darkest moments I wish that I had learnt the life lesson that if you take good care of yourself 80% of the time you can do whatever the heck you like for the remaining 20% of the time without having to get ill first. For me now the ratio has to be more like 97%-3%. I wish I had learnt that once the body collapses you can most likely fix it with a lot of hard work but it’s much much harder than looking after yourself so you don’t get ill in the first place.

Anyways, new regime for me is;

I’ve been completely gluten and diary free since Monday and am aiming to continue being so…..forever. There’s just too much evidence that gluten and diary causes inflammation in the body and it’s really not good for someone with MS.
I have also decided that once and for all take control over my stress and become some sort of Zen like Buddha figure… that’s a challenge and a half given that I’m at home with an 18 month old and a nearly 3 year old and I was born with a Latino temperament…..Meditation, mindfulness, yoga, tai chi here I come!!!!

Today’s recipe isn’t really a recipe, it’s more like a suggestion. I have been struggling with lunch since I don’t have time to cook a new healthy dish everyday for lunch. It has to be fast and easy. So what I have started doing recently is that one evening I prepare a base salad that will last for 3 days. Then when it’s time for my lunch I just have to take out one portion, add some goodies and eat. I love it!


Base salad
( use as many vegetables as you like but make sure you vary them, be brave and buy vegetables you normally don’t eat)


Steamed green beans
Shredded kale
Shredded cabbage
Raw or steamed broccoli

Goodies to add on the day you’re eating the salad

Home made coleslaw
Small pieces of goats cheese
Tuna or salmon
An egg

Then I just sprinkle some Aceito balsamico de Modena over the salad. (Thick creamy balsamic vinegar) or you can find some healthy dressing recipes online. There’s loads out there.


7 thoughts on “The limbo is over and a base salad

  1. Keep it up Mimmi! You are a huge inspiration!
    I found it easier when I let myself pick one specific no-no food craving to keep in my life (still only keeping it to a minimum intake!). That made it easier to withstand all the hundreds of other not so healthy choices I faced every day. Remember also that the stress of being way too hard on yourself for messing up once in a while is just as bad for your health as downing bad food. Forgive, forget and move on. And learn from your mistake. 🙂 Take care! Kram!

    • Thank you! The no-no “food” that I’m keeping in my life is the occasional glass of Pinot Noir and a daily cup of decaf americano! Apart from that I don’t really feel like I’m missing anything apart from the simplicity of being able to eat anything. Kram ; )

  2. Go girl! This salad looks amazing it can be exhausting for anyone just with small children but it sound like you are doing an amazing job and really managing your health. Yoga has changed my life and I’ve noticed another bug health change since dripping grain except now and then but thinking I should just go for it. To be honest gf pasta now and again holds me back. Thank you for sharing this recipe and your inspirational story.

  3. Your salad looks so good! Happy your have a definitive diagnosis. You’re now able to make good decisions for yourself! Most MS Neurologist believe that MRI (lesions load and activity) don’t always correspond with an relapse or how one is feeling physically. Keep up the great work and look forward to seeing more of your recipes! 🙂

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