Getting rid of the small clouds before they take up your entire sky

I have been an expert in not dealing with the small clouds for a long long time. You know, stuffing unopened letters at the bottom of the drawer because I know I’m not going to like the content….

Leaving difficult conversation until they are no longer difficult, they have become as easy to do as climbing Mount Everest with your hands tied up or as easy as counting your own hair!….

Ignoring the hard decisions until it feels like whatever you do it’s going to be the wrong decision….

Not going to the doctor because you don’t really want to know what’s wrong with you until this little cold that you have, has become in your head a couple of serious illnesses combined…..

Why do I do it, why do people do this? Because many of us are ostriches that really hope that the difficult stuff will go away if we just ignore it. I learnt that it won’t, it just gets bigger and bigger and bigger the longer we wait. And we waste an awful lot of energy in the process of waiting that could be spent on much better things.

From now on I will try my best to deal with the small clouds as soon as they form on my sky in order to have less dark clouds hanging over me. I like the thought….

Have a great weekend everyone

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