Self-discipline and stress management

Just came back from an amazing holiday in Sweden. Thailand heat and much less Mosquitos than normally! As always after my holidays I feel relaxed mentally but quite worn out physically….and this is only due to my much-worse-than-normal-diet whilst on holiday. Cheese, wine, processed rubbish bread, candy and a daily ice-cream. And a drastic reduction in the amount of vegetables that I consume. Needless to say inflammation is running high in my body. Thankfully the only way it exhibits itself currently is tiredness!

I’m sure some people think, relax you’re on holiday woman, and fine I hear you. Not just sure if I want to risk playing this kind of Russian roulette with the longevity of my body. A little bit of bad is good, but lots of bad is just bad!

So what it boils down to is…..I need to learn self-discipline. I know it sounds sooo boring but I can see how many aspects of my life would drastically improve if I can just get slightly better at it.

I want to be able to NOT eat the marshmallow! Watch this video and you will understand, it’s very cute, funny and thought-provoking

I also need to (again) get better at dealing with stress. (if I was better at self-discipline I would do lots more yoga and meditation and I would be much more zen-like)

I would also use my beloved Yantra mat more often, it’s really good for calming my body down in just 5 min!


Wish me luck!