I am not a chef, nor a doctor or a nutritionist! Nor am I a slave to health food……however, I strongly believe in the healing powers of food and hence tends to eat a lot of healthy stuff. Most of the time I don’t believe in medicines. I believe in a holistic view of looking after oneself, food is just one aspect of it but the one that interest me the most! After some problems with my health 4-5 (it’s actually 6 1/2 years ago I just realised ) I have become more and more interested in what food does to my body and I know from first hand experience how important it is. ( Long story, I might tell it some day ; ) My MS story part 1- destruction and diagnosis My MS story part 2- healing and recovery I could not sustain healthy eating if the food didn’t appeal to me and food is a big interest that I share with my husband. He cooks, I consider the health aspect and eat, and eat and eat! (OK, I do cook quite a bit as well : ) This blog is about my search for food that taste amazing but at the same time keeps my body healthy!

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  1. Hello. I just wanted to pop by and say how much I enjoy your blog. I love, love, love your dreams of how we might all be offered choices in future health care and I believe one day this will happen. Sharing your story and experiences will help this happen, it might not be for a long time but the most important thing is you are already helping people and will continue to do so and and one day the domino effect will catch up… Thank you I really enjoy your beautiful blog.

    • Thank you so much! I am glad you also believe that we will one day get to choose our own healthcare. I do see small changes in traditional healthcare opening up possibilities for alternative healthcare. The process might be slow but one day we will get there, more and more people realise that controlling symptoms with pills doesn’t work. Thanks again for charing your thoughts x

  2. Hi, I’ve just come across your blog. I’ve had ms for over 20 years and try to eat healthily, however one of my big passions in life is eating out. Not michelin star, just not me having to cook or clean up and in a nice environment. Do you eat out much? How do you go about deciding what on the menu is the most healthy?

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by. I do love eating out but don’t do it as often as I would like to at the moment due to being home with my 2 little ones ; ) When I do go out I tend to pick the dishes with most vegetables in them. Or fish dishes. I only eat meat when I know it is organic in order to not get antibiotics in my meal. I don’t eat gluten so I obviously I stay away from bread and pasta. I try to eat as little dairy and saturated fats as possible so I don’t pick dishes that are cream or butter based. I rarely eat dessert but if I do I’ll share it with as many people as possible. When I look at the menu I think to myself, where can I get the most nutritional value but at the same time satisfy my tastebuds? Most of the time I have plenty of choice.
      Here are two posts that I wrote about eating out.
      Viet grill in Shoreditch http://wp.me/p3B2Yu-6X
      Jones & Sons in Dalston http://wp.me/p3B2Yu-5T
      Hope this helps.

  3. Hi I just came across your blog and look forward to reading more. I have dermatomyositis a severe autoimmune disease which affects my muscles,lungs and skin. i am not with toeing the line but I do avoid wheat and try to increase raw foods, fruit veg etc. I also love cooking and eating but try to share my cooking to reduce its impact. Try to exercise regularly which reduces inflammation but it’s not always possible. Anyway, i look forward to reading your blog. xx Rowena

  4. I just discoverd your blog and see that you haven’t written anything in about a year…. I do hope you’re well, and just took a break from blogging. I love your blog and I feel the same way as you about food. Again, hope you’re well, and hear more from you in the future.

    • Hi Carolyn, thanks for stopping by my blog. I have indeed taken a break from blogging. I started studying nutrition last year since I’m so convinced about the healing benefits I food. So life has just been too full on to have time to write on the blog. But I am aiming to get back to it in the autumn. Many thanks Mimmi

  5. Hello! Is it possible tom make contact with you? I have a 21 year old daughter who have this issue and dignities coming up. I feel very afraid of the doctors and the medicine they want to give…. Can I really check out of their system? So confused and afraid ! thank you / Kat

  6. Hello again . Thanks again for your example. Its a bit scary to say no to the drugs, but even more scary to take them. Hope you can read my email and get back to me. / Katarina

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