A nutritious meal out at Jones and Sons in Dalston


Went out for a birthday meal last night to celebrate my sister at Jones and Sons in Dalston. Great place, great company and great food! What more can one ask for on a Friday night ; ) The restaurant is based in a former textile factory turned theatre turned restaurant on Arcola street and it’s pretty cool, love the little “house in the house” that is the kitchen.

The staff were friendly and very knowledgeable. My husband asked about one of the steaks and after a long and detailed explanation by the waitress, he decided to go for something else..aarrgghh
Food is quite traditional English grub, a big part of the menu is meat based ( still with plenty of stuff for vegetarians) So impossible to have a healthy meal I hear you say, I say certainly not! I had one heck of a meal and certainly stayed on the very nutritional side.

Instead of ordering the traditional bread and butter on arrival, I had 3 oysters. I normally go for olives instead of bread but here they sell oysters a piece and since I love oysters it was a definite yes for me! The oysters were as fresh as I had hoped for and with it I had a 1/2 guiness, which despite popular belief contains very little iron but goes oh so well with oysters. But the lack of iron content in Guinness doesn’t matter since I’m getting most of my daily iron dosage from the 3 oysters….along with about 300% of the daily recommended amount of zinc and more than 100% of my daily B12. And that’s even before my starter…

For starter I had scallops and artichoke. It was, apart from very tasty, brimming with B12, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium and potassium (scallops) and dietary fiber, folate, vitamin c and lots of anti-oxidants (artichoke)


Duck breast with chanterelles and figs! Couldn’t resist it for my main. Later found out that duck breast is a good nutritious choice for protein. It contains generous amounts of iron, phosphorus, zinc, copper, selenium and some of the B vitamins. Chanterelles are an excellent sources of B3 and vitamin D. Mushrooms have also shown to lower risk of breast cancer. Figs are high in potassium that helps lower blood pressure. And besides all the health benefits this was an absolutely gorgeous dish cooked to perfection on the rare side. I had some scrumptious honey roasted carrots on the side.

For dessert I shared some puffed chocolate which was yummy but too big even for two. ( I do wish restaurants could do smaller desserts )

So conclusion is yes one can certainly go out and have an amazing meal that more than satisfy your tastebuds staying away from loads of refined carbohydrates and saturated fats and with a great intake of nutrients. Jones and sons is a great place for such a meal!

A new perspective and healthy airport food!


Left my family for the weekend to go back to the old country ( Sweden ) On the way to the airport I found myself being a bit nervous, what have I forgotten, how does one do this traveling lark on their own. I was actually more nervous than when we flew to Australia with a 2 year old and a 7 month old. ( I guess then we were prepared that the 24 h trip was going to be challenging to say the least….) Which it was! Z1 ( that’s my daughter) threw up twice on the way to the airport. ( yes she does get car sick when playing on the iPhone, I just had to make sure, that’s why I gave the iPhone back to her after having cleaned up the first mess)

Anyway it’s weird that I was nervous about this trip, I just had to look after myself and all I was bringing was just some clothes, a book, some make-up…..and that’s sort of it. Not like when I’m travelling with the kids, half an Ikea store and half a John Lewis store. And I’m not bringing anything too important either. I’m not going to lay awake all night crying because I forgot the book. I just get another one. This is easy travelling we are talking about. I think I was just feeling uncomfortable because it’s out of my routine. I’m used to going everywhere with my mini Ikea and mini John Lewis and a lot of other stuff.

But being taken out of ones routine is great, you get a new perspective on things and get to see life from a new angle. Going on a holiday is one way of doing it but it doesn’t have to be that big of a deal. Leave the house 15 min early in the morning and sit in a park and eat your breakfast one day, take the kids to the other side of town for an outing despite the fact that it will be messy and perhaps tiring, go to a museum if you haven’t been in a long time and if you go to museums all the time try a completely different kind. You get my drift? You will do something new and that is refreshing and you end up reflecting on things in your life and new ideas take form. And you create memories! All those small and big out-of-your routine-events are the ones you remember.



So how about healthy eating whilst flying. Going to Sweden I didn’t have great success, I opted for a sandwich instead of a super dull-looking salad. On the way back I sort of felt like a decaf cappuccino and a muffin but walked past a great juice/ smoothie place and decided to have a juice. If I still had felt like having the muffin/ coffee combo afterwards I would have got it but I didn’t! The juice was so refreshing it got me set up for choosing a healthier option so ended up having an olives/ peppers and Parma ham salad instead. Healthy eating whilst travelling requires some planning but it’s doable. I will definitely have some red wine on the flight though. Not everyday I’m flying on my own ; )

My juice contained matcha green tea. Matcha green tea apparently contains 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea due to the way it’s been harvested. It also contains an amino acid called L-theanine that can be useful in times of stress. It’s also good for alertness